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Product Carrier Washers: Efficient, Labor Saving Rack, Tree and Truck Cleaning.

Sani-Matic Product Carrier Washers provide a consistent, cost-effective solution for cleaning tough, baked-on soils found on the racks, trees and trucks used in smoked meat and bakery applications.


Advantages •  Complete Clean. Exclusively designed rotating and oscillating sprays ensure cleaning solutions are evenly distributed inside the washer. The zoned sequence design results in high-impact spray coverage and increased chemical dwell time to remove even the most difficult-to-clean product residue. •  Repeatable Results. Replaces inconsistent manual cleaning with repeatable, documented cleaning results. •  Cost Savings. Cleaning solutions are recirculated, reducing chemical and water use — and the automation decreases labor costs and increases productivity. •  Safety. The inflatable door gaskets prevent solution overspray to protect operators and the production area. •  Flexibility. Designed to accommodate either overhead rail or roll-in rack loading. Cabinet chamber’s interior walkway makes loading easy. Industry Standard Compliance • UL 508A • ANSI/ISA-88 Batch Control • Authorized to Provide Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) • Helps Meet FSMA and HACCP Sanitation Preventive Controls


Bakery Racks

Meat Racks, Trees and Trucks

SaniTrend ® Cloud Reporting Software



Add SaniTrend ® Cloud Cleaning Reports (CR) software to your equipment to efficiently and automatically record and store critical data (e.g., temperature, conductivity). SaniTrend ® Cloud CR Essentials records all critical data in easy-to-interpret cleaning records. SaniTrend ® Cloud CR Insights adds features like event logs, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) scoring, Preventive Maintenance (PM) Tracking, and more.

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Standard • Stainless steel construction • Hinged doors with inflatable door gaskets • Single-door entry and exit • O scillating spray bars vertically mounted on both sides • P LC controls with control interface • Automatic temperature and water level controls with alarm and shutdown • A utomatic zone valve sequence operation • Multiple pre-programmed wash cycles • Two-stage solution straining system with removable elements • Automatic final rinse control • Two models — pit mounted and floor mounted • Direct steam injection

Optional • E xhaust fan • C onveyorized strainer • Pass-through doors • S team coil • E xternal CIP System as solution source • C hemical feed pumps • S anitizer injector • S aniTrend data acquisition and management system • Sani-Matic Start-up and Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services


How it Works

The product carriers (racks, trees and trucks) are manually placed into the washer via overhead rail or easy roll-in.


4-Zone Product Carrier Washer for overhead rack washing

2.  The Product Carrier Washer is divided into multiple zones depending on cabinet size. It typically has four (4) zones. It uses this alternating zoned sequence to spray one zone at a time. This pattern generates higher impact spray, eliminates interference from counter spray and provides a longer chemical dwell period to increase cleaning effectiveness.

Overhead view of Product Carrier Washer shows solution distribution flow in an alternating zoned sequence

The carriers remain in a fixed position while the spray assembly oscillates several high pressure nozzles at maximum flow. The zones allow four (4) times the flow than if spraying the carriers all at once. This provides complete coverage and high-impact impingement cleaning.


Spray bars oscillate 120° to provide complete cleaning coverage

4. For water and chemical savings, the detergent cleaning proceeds through the sequence for a preprogrammed cycle time, drawing from the reservoir and recirculating through the spray manifolds.


Cleaning Confidence. Repeatable results you can count on every time you clean your process parts and equipment. That’s Cleaning Confidence from Sani-Matic.


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