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Food & Beverage

Stick Washer: Reduced Labor and Better Results Through Automation.

The Sani-Matic Stick Washer is a safe, reliable way to wash all styles of product sticks used for producing smoked or dried sausage, meats, fish or cheese. The washer’s mechanical action is created by a conveyor design that quietly tumbles the sticks while submerged in cleaning solution.


Advantages • Repeatable Results. Consistent, repeatable results from a controlled process. • Improve Cleaning. Improves cleaning with automated tumbling action and detergent agitation. • Save Chemicals. Allows higher temperatures and stronger concentrations while minimizing worker exposure. • Improve Worker Safety. Simple, fast and ergonomic loading and unloading. • Save Labor. Reduces labor costs, minimizes chemical usage, and lowers water and utility costs. • Reduce Floorspace and Inventory. Lower space requirement than numerous soaking tanks and bins. • Save Time. Faster turn-around for production - up to 1000 sticks cleaned per hour (estimated - depending on system design and process conditions). Industry Standard Compliance • UL 508A • ANSI/ISA-88 Batch Control • Authorized to Provide Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) • Helps Meet FSMA and HACCP Sanitation Preventive Controls


Product Sticks

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Standard • Detergent Section • Rinse Section • E stimated 5 - 10 minute cycle times (85 sticks / cycle) • 304ss construction

• Sanitary centrifugal supply pump, sanitary tubing, butterfly valves • Control Panel with PLC controls and HMI operator interface screen • Direct steam injection heating & automatic control • Automatic level control • Box strainer for pump protection • Angle-Line strainer for jet manifold protection Optional • Sanitizer Injection • 316Lss construction • Start-up services • Conductivity control of detergent chemical • Chemical pump assemblies • Push Button Control (Note - this limits automation of some parameters)


How it Works

Loading Hopper A loading gate permits the operator to pre-load the next batch while the previous batch is being cleaned.

Detergent Section - conveyor and deflector plate force sticks to tumble and clean.

By lowering the deflector plate, sticks are conveyed from the detergent section to the fresh rinse.

Stick rinse section continually refreshes and overflows. Sanitizer may be added.

Reservoir Fill

Final Rinse

Loading Chute

Recirculation jets provide high impact and high flow as sticks tumble.

Unique Tumbling Cleaning Action A single conveyor creates a unique tumbling action that lifts the sticks. After the initial cleaning, a deflector plate causes the sticks to tumble back on themselves for additional cleaning to ensure clean sticks batch after batch.

Ergonomic loading and unloading

Easy to operate


Cleaning Confidence. Repeatable results you can count on every time you clean your process parts and equipment. That’s Cleaning Confidence from Sani-Matic.


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