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SaniTrend ® Cloud Reporting Software



Add SaniTrend ® Cloud Cleaning Reports (CR) software to your equipment to efficiently and automatically record and store critical data (e.g., temperature, conductivity). SaniTrend ® Cloud CR Insights+ records all critical data in easy- to-interpret cleaning records and additional insights like event logs, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) scoring, Preventive Maintenance (PM) Tracking, and more. The Insights+ edition also logs a full HMI Audit Trail and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for electronic records and signatures. Learn more at our website at sanimatic.com/sanitrendcloud/


Standard Features

Chamber • W etted 316L stainless steel, 25 µin Ra Non-wetted 304 stainless steel, 32 µin Ra • Radiused corners for self-cleaning • W ash chamber LED light

Drying System • E xternal dryer system included for precise moisture control • H eated air is controlled to a set point temperature • S team heat Chemical Delivery • T wo pumps provide accurate dosage of chemicals • Ready access pump and containers for easy maintenance Process Monitoring for Repeatable Cleaning • PLC-controlled cycle times with adjustable recipe set points • P ressure is maintained at pump discharge • Solution flow verification • H eated air is controlled at the discharge of the dryer • Differential pressure is monitored on the HEPA filter • C onductivity probes control chemical concentrations and prove final rinse • S olution temperature is monitored in the CIP supply and return Maintenance Access • S ealed doors eliminate room air balance issues Manifolds • Diaphragm valves are used in all sanitary lines • Elastomers are USP Class VI approved Pumps • Sanitary centrifugal pump - casing drain allows for complete drainage • Liquid ring pump - casing drain allows for complete drainage Voltage • 4 80V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz Loading • P it-mounted design

Chamber Doors • Single door design • 316L stainless steel and tempered safety glass • Pneumatically inflated door gasket • Safety interlocks prevent inadvertent door operation Control System • A llen-Bradley CompactLogix with PanelView Plus HMI • F orty (40) user-defined recipes • R ecipes can be modified for function, cycle times, temperatures and other key cycle parameters • T hree password protected levels of access • U tility and maintenance screens on operator interface • Ethernet port for connection to facility network Chamber Spray System • T he rotating sprays provide maximum coverage of all load items and eliminate coverage dead spots • P roof of rotation sensors • Non-threaded, ¼ turn removable nozzles • S olution distribution connection for rack system Debris Screen • L arge, easy-to-clean stainless steel 1 / 8 " perforated screen is located in the wash chamber’s sump Solution Supply • E xternal CIP system is included to supply solution to washer Solution Heater • S team heat

Optional Features • D ouble door (pass-through) design • S eismic zone anchorage calculations • Barrier flanges • Drain cooling valve

• R emote chemical supply • 2 0 µin Ra finish • P assivation • S ample station • F loor-mounted design


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