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PharmaCab ® LP: GMP Washer for IBCs, Totes and Tablet Bins.

The Sani-Matic PharmaCab ® LP consistently and safely washes IBCs, totes, tablet bins and other vessels that contain hazardous and non-hazardous compounds. The PharmaCab LP Series meets cGMP and ASME BPE standards.


The Sani-Matic PharmaCab LP Series accommodates a variety of IBC sizes and automates cleaning for repeatable, validatable results.

Advantages •  Validation. Hygienic design to meet validation requirements. Extensive documentation and comprehensive process monitoring are provided. •  Complete Clean. Our exclusive, vertically controlled interior spray device automatically adjusts to accommodate varied IBC heights, and a rotating spray arm cleans the IBC’s exterior and wash chamber’s interior. Proof of rotation sensors and radiused corners ensure a complete clean. •  Easy to Use. The rotating sprays contain non-threaded, ¼ turn spray nozzles for easy inspection and cleaning. The Rack Systems are easy to load and transport. Unload side sample station for quick testing is available. •  Safety. Inflatable door gaskets maintain watertight barrier.  Industry Standard Compliance • FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), CFR Title 21, Part 820 • Underwriters Laboratory (UL): Controls, Standard 508 • ANSI/ISA-88 (S88) Batch Control • Authorized to Provide Canadian Registration Number (CRN) • ASME BPE Standards


Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)


Standard • O peration and maintenance manuals • R ecommended spare parts (RSP) list

Optional • F unctional Specifications (FS) • C onfiguration Specification (CS) • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) • Site Acceptance Test (SAT) • Installation and Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) • T raceability matrix • Instrument data sheets

• Mechanical Bill of Materials (BOM) • Instrumentation calibration records • M aterial Test Reports (MTRs) • W eld maps and weld logs (including qualification and inspection records) • Inspection test results, reports and certificates • C omponent vendor documentation • A s-built General Assembly (GA) drawings • A s-built Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) • A s-built electrical drawings

• B orescope Inspection Video • H ydrostatic test certificate • C leaning and passivation certificate • R iboflavin spray coverage test


SaniTrend ® Cloud Reporting Software



Add SaniTrend ® Cloud Cleaning Reports (CR) software to your equipment to efficiently and automatically record and store critical data (e.g., temperature, conductivity). SaniTrend ® Cloud CR Insights+ records all critical data in easy- to-interpret cleaning records and additional insights like event logs, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) scoring, Preventive Maintenance (PM) Tracking, and more. The Insights+ edition also logs a full HMI Audit Trail and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for electronic records and signatures. Learn more at our website at sanimatic.com/sanitrendcloud/


Standard Features

Chamber • W etted 316L stainless steel, 25 µin Ra Non-wetted 304 stainless steel, 32 µin Ra • R adiused corners for self-cleaning • W ash chamber LED light

Drying System • E xternal dryer system included for precise moisture control • H eated air is controlled to a set point temperature • S team heat Chemical Delivery • T wo pumps provide accurate dosage of chemicals • Ready access pump and containers for easy maintenance Process Monitoring for Repeatable Cleaning • PLC-controlled cycle times with adjustable recipe set points • P ressure is maintained at pump discharge • Solution flow verification • H eated air is controlled at the discharge of the dryer • Differential pressure is monitored on the HEPA filter • C onductivity probes control chemical concentrations and prove final rinse • S olution temperature is monitored in the CIP supply and return Maintenance Access • S ealed doors eliminate room air balance issues Manifolds • Diaphragm valves are used in all sanitary lines •   Elastomers are USP Class VI approved Pumps •   Sanitary centrifugal pump - casing drain allows for complete drainage •   Liquid ring pump - casing drain allows for complete drainage Voltage • 4 80V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz Loading • P it-mounted design • P hotoelectric part locating sensors

Chamber Doors • Single door design • 316L stainless steel and tempered safety glass • Pneumatically inflated door gasket • Safety interlocks prevent inadvertent door operation Control System • A llen-Bradley CompactLogix with PanelView Plus HMI • F orty (40) user-defined recipes • R ecipes can be modified for function, cycle times, temperatures and other key cycle parameters • T hree password protected levels of access • U tility and maintenance screens on operator interface • Ethernet port for connection to facility network Chamber Spray System • T he rotating sprays provide maximum coverage of all load items and eliminate coverage dead spots • P roof of rotation sensors • Non-threaded, ¼ turn removable nozzles • S olution distribution connection for rack system Debris Screen • L arge, easy-to-clean stainless steel 1 / 8 " perforated screen is located above the sump in the wash chamber Solution Supply • E xternal CIP system is included to supply solution to washer Solution Heater • Steam heat

Optional Features • D ouble door (pass-through) design • S eismic zone anchorage calculations • Barrier flanges • Drain cooling valve

• R emote chemical supply • 2 0 µin Ra finish • P assivation • S ample station • F loor-mounted design


Standard Feature Highlights

•  Vertically descending spray arm cleans IBC’s interior. •  Double doors for load and unload side configuration. •  Rotating spray arm circles the IBC’s exterior for a complete clean.

PharmaCab LP Series System Components

PharmaCab LP Series systems have three major components: the GMP washer, an external CIP system and an external dryer.

Cleaning Confidence. Repeatable results you can count on every time you clean your process parts and equipment. That’s Cleaning Confidence from Sani-Matic.


Sani-Matic, Inc.

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