HCS_0001_Hygienic Component Solutions Catalog_Rev7.0 (2024)

Hygienic Components

Angle-Line Strainers

Sani-Matic Angle-Line Strainers allow operators to clean the strainer element without removing the strainer body from the process line, which significantly increases production uptime. Sani-Matic offers several Angle-Line Strainer configurations, including the standard 4" Body Size Angle-Line Strainers, High-Capacity Angle-Line Strainers (6 " Body Size) for higher volume process straining, Magnetic Trap Strainers for ferromagnetic capture, and strainers with sight-glass and sample / drain ports. Our Angle-Line Strainers provide the option between an end-inlet or side-inlet flow direction by simply changing a few internal parts. Multi-Angle-Line Strainer Assemblies can be used to reduce downtime by allowing one or more strainers to be valved open and operational, while the other strainer(s) are closed for cleaning and/or maintenance. They can also be configured as parallel components and used simultaneously, which provides the ability to split a process flow rate between two or more strainers.

Angle-Line Strainers are authorized to carry a 3-A symbol when using perforated elements.



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