HCS_0001_Hygienic Component Solutions Catalog_Rev7.0 (2024)

Hygienic Components

Angle-Line Basket (ALB) Strainers

Cutaway strainer body shown

Convenient and Cost Effective Solution

Sani-Matic Angle-Line Basket Strainers provide a Basket Strainer-style solution within the frame of an Angle-Line Strainer. This unique design allows for particles to be captured within the basket element for quick, complete, and easy removal. Our Angle-Line Basket Strainers are available with perforated elements. Mesh underlays can be used for finer straining applications and are available in a variety of micron / mesh sizes. The unique patent pending strainer element end cap is designed to be removable, allowing for easy flushing of the basket element, reducing downtime. The end cap is constructed of an FDA compliant plastic to reduce internal strainer body scratching during servicing of the strainer. The Angle-Line design provides the ability to remove the element / insert without any process line disassembly. Sani-Matic’s standard Angle-Line Basket Strainers are authorized to carry a 3-A symbol when using perforated elements without mesh underlays.



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