HCS_0001_Hygienic Component Solutions Catalog_Rev7.0 (2024)

Hygienic Components

Straight-Line Strainers

Durable Strainers for Standard Flow Processes Sani-Matic’s durable Straight-Line Strainers are used when process line layouts require Straight-Line Strainers. Manufactured in the U.S., quick turnaround times are available for standard models. Unlike our Angle-Line Strainers, the use of Straight-Line Strainers requires process lines to be disassembled for cleaning and are available only in a single flow configuration. With a wide variety of perforated and wedgewire straining elements, Straight-Line Strainers provide product integrity and process equipment protection. Sani-Matic’s standard Straight-Line Strainers are authorized to carry a 3-A symbol when perforated elements are used.



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