HCS_0001_Hygienic Component Solutions Catalog_Rev7.0 (2024)

Hygienic Components


Small Footprint, Big Increase in Productivity

Sani-Matic Y-Strainers are designed to solve a variety of system requirements. Whether your process is pre-existing, if piping revisions / modifications aren’t an option, or maybe space simply doesn’t provide the room for any other option, our Y-Strainers are an excellent consideration to address the needs of your application. Sani-Matic Y-Strainers are engineered and manufactured with a close-tolerance fit (0.010 " ) at the base of the element and do not require an O-ring. Fewer parts result in simpler maintenance and less downtime – increasing production performance and saving you time and money. Sani-Matic's standard Y-Strainers are authorized to carry a 3-A symbol when a perforated element is used.



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