Guest Safety Rules

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(p) 608-222-2399 (f) 608-222-5348 Local Emergency Service Dial 911 While you are visiting our business site and facilities, we ask that you agree to comply with our rules. By complying with our rules, you assist us in maintaining a high safety standard without impacting our ability to deliver high-quality products at a value price.

16. In case of an evacuation, a page over the PA will sound and all Guests must report to the designated gathering areas and wait there until the “all-clear” is given by management. (Northwest lawn near the shipping/ receiving driveway.) 17. In case of a Tornado or Severe Weather, a page over the PA system will sound and all Employees & Guests must report to the designated gathering areas marked with Severe Weather signs and wait there until the “all-clear” is given by management . (Bathrooms, Locker room, Marketing Room, Wellness Room and Neuwave Room). 18. Possession use and/or being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, etc. are all prohibited while on SMI property. 19. Horseplay, running, fighting, or throwing objects is not permitted while on SMI property. 20. Employees and Guests shall not use compressed air for cleaning themselves or their clothing in any fashion as required by OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.242(b). 21. While in the Company’s manufacturing areas, please limit cell phone use to only essential business needs—and follow all safety policies. When Employees and Guests need to perform Company emails/texting via cell phone, cell phone conversations and taking pictures via cell phones within the manufacturing area, they will be required to do so in a safe location, be aware of all surroundings, and cannot affect manufacturing traffic. 22. Guests need to follow Sani-Matic’s COVID-19 and other related Infectious Disease policies to include but not limited to temperature taking, mask wearing throughout the facility, hand sanitizing, good hygiene practices, social distancing, etc. (These policies may change without notice however current COVID-19 and Infectious Disease policies will be noted at the Guest Entrance and Receptionist Desk)

Sani-Matic Guest Safety Rules

Revised: 8/20/2020

1. Guests are to enter the property at the Guest entrance and report to the reception desk. 2. Guests are to confine their visit to the area designated by their Sani-Matic site contact. Guests are not allowed to travel unaccompanied throughout the property. 3. Beverages are only allowed if they have a lid or cap when on the shop floor or in the office area. Beverages in open-top containers are to be consumed in Café 1943. Food items must be eaten in Café 1943 unless approval has been given to you by your Sani-Matic site contact. 4. Guests are not allowed to operate, assemble/disassemble,troubleshoot, test or other such activity with Sani-Matic, Inc. (hereafter referred to as SMI) equipment unlessthey have written confirmation of their qualification from the SMI site contact. 5. Guests must wear protective eyewear and hearing while in any area where manufacturing activity is taking place or when the Guest is in the area of any testing process. Additional protective equipment may be required depending on the activity to which the Guest is exposed. 6. In the manufacturing area and in line with PPE requirements, SMI is allowing music devices that are OSHA approved Bluetooth earbuds/headsets and AM/FM headphones that can only be worn in the manufacturing area while you are working at your workstation. Once you leave your work area, the earbuds/headsets must be removed, and the required earplugs must be worn. NO radios/boomboxes are not allowed in the manufacturing area. Earbuds/Headsets must also be removed from ears in the office area once you leave your workstation. 7. Protective footwear is required in the manufacturing areas while inside of the yellow lined areas which include the test bays (no exceptions). Reversely, at a minimum, closed toed shoes are to be worn in the manufacturing areas outside of the yellow lined areas. 8. Guests must wear safety glasses, safety-toed shoes, hearing protection and hi-visibility GUEST vest if working in the manufacturing area. 9. Guests shall report any emergency to the receptionist by dialing ext. 8516 from any phone in the building. Local emergency services can be accessed by dialing 911. 10. SMI is a smoke/tobacco-free facility and is not permitted outside/inside the building. 11. Guests are not to enter any tank, vessel, or other confined space while on SMI property. 12. All pedestrians must give the right of way to forklifts unlessthe forklift operator hasmade eye contact with the pedestrian and hasalready yielded the right of way to the pedestrian. 13. Guests are not to handle or use materials for which they have not been trained. The Guest’s Site Contact will arrange for any material handling or usage. 14. Guests are to look for signage and observe directions, rules, warnings and cautions asindicated on any signs. 15. Guests may not operate, adjust, or otherwise tamper with tools, equipment or signs of warning or caution. Thisis highly critical pertaining to lockout of hazardous energy sources, barricade tape marking restricted areas and to confined space entry.

Failure to follow any of the rules may result in immediate expulsion from the SMI facility and property.

I have read and understand the Sani-Matic Guest Safety Rules and agree to comply with them.

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Completed and signed Sani-Matic Guest Safety Rules should be given to the receptionist.

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