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Tunnel Washer: Reliable, High-Volume Cleaning of Trays, Pans and Totes.

The Sani-Matic Tunnel Washer is an automated tunnel washer designed to clean a wide variety of high-volume items such as pans, totes, pails, buckets and trays. The basic design includes detergent and final rinse zones. Pre-rinse and recirculated rinse zones may be provided for heavy product residues or high-capacity requirements.


The Sani-Matic Tunnel Washer is designed to reduce labor costs, minimize chemical use, and lower water and utility costs, while providing a complete clean.

Advantages • Complete Clean. High-impact, adjustable spray nozzles thoroughly clean a process item’s interior and exterior. • Repeatable Results. Consistent, repeatable results from a controlled process. • Increased Productivity. Conveyorized and optional exit blow-off systems provide quick turnaround times. • Savings. Reduces labor and utility costs and controls chemical use. • Safety. Minimizes operator exposure to high temperatures and strong concentrations. Safe and easy to load and unload. Industry Standard Compliance • UL 508A • ANSI/ISA-88 Batch Control • Authorized to Provide Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) • Helps Meet FSMA and HACCP Sanitation Preventive Controls





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Standard • 2-, 3-, and 4-section configurable design • Stainless steel construction • R ollaway covers for easy access to sprays, instruments and conveyor • Variable-speed, gear-driven conveyor with torque limiter • H igh-impact, 360° coverage spray nozzle manifolds • T wo-stage solution straining system for heavy soil capture in the sump and fine particulate capture in the pump discharge • Pre-piped centrifugal supply pump(s) • A utomatic temperature and water level controls with alarm and shutdown

Optional • Automatic detergent injections and concentration control • Automatic sanitizer injection system • Exit blow-off system

• Indirect steam heating coils • Conveyorized strainer scraper • Final rinse conservation valve assembly • Exhaust fan • Single- or dual-lane configuration

• Adjustable guide bars • Stacked indicator lights • Sani-Matic Start-up Services

• Direct steam injection heating system • PLC controls with control interface • Automatic final rinse control


How it Works Three-section washers (detergent wash, recirculated rinse and final rinse) are the most commonly requested designs. For heavy residues, a pre-rinse section may be required. Key to Washer Sections: Key to Washer Sections:

DW - Deter FR - Final R RR - Recirc DW - Dete FR - Final - Recir

Operational overview of 4-section washer with exit blow-off system:









o Washer Sections:

DW - Detergent Wash

PR - Pre-Rinse

Soiled product containers are conveyed through the Pre-Rinse (PR) section to loosen and remove heavy residues. The Detergent Wash (DW) section loosens and sprays off the remaining residue. The Recirculated Rinse (RR) removes most of the residual detergent solutions from the containers and overflows to Pre-Rinse, if available. Ex t DW DW FR RR RR The Fresh Water Rinse (FR) removes the remaining detergent film and overflows to Recirculated Rinse (RR). Optional Exit Blow-Off System (BL). 3-Section with Extended Length FR - Final Rinse RR - Recirculated Rinse FR

Ext - Extended Length


3-Section (most common) 3-Section (most common) 3-Section (most common)

3-Sec 3-Se









4-Section 4-Section

3-Section (most common)


Note: All washers are designed to conserve water.

4-Section with optional exit blow-off system

High-impact, 360 º coverage spray nozzle manifolds provide complete cleaning coverage of a process item’s internal and external surface area.

Exit blow-off system

Pallet Wash Improve quality control and sanitary product handling with a Sani-Matic Pallet Wash. The Pallet Wash is available in either a horizontal or vertical design and operates similar to the Tunnel Washer with the same standard features and options.

Vertical Pallet Wash


Cleaning Confidence. Repeatable results you can count on every time you clean your process parts and equipment. That’s Cleaning Confidence from Sani-Matic.


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