DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

d. System Data – Data Trending (Commenting)

Note (2a – 2g)

Note (1)

Note (2)

Notes 1. To add comments for a particular timeframe, add text within the “New Comment” section on the lower right. 2. Select the date and time for which the comment should be added to and select “Add Comment”. 3. The comment will now be shown within the Comments window if the comment was made within the timeframe of the “start time” and “end time” range selected :

a. 4. Note that the “time” column contains the time the comment was selected to be added to. The “Comments” column contains the username of the person who added the comment, the date/time that the comment was submitted into the system on, and the comment itself.

DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

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