DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

g. System Data – Cycle Reports (Reviewing Interactive Analog Charts)

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Notes 1. Analog data such as temperature, conductivity, flow, pressure, or level can be reviewed on their respective tabs. Actual and setpoint data is shown. 2. The data can be reviewed as presented – in addition, several tools are available to assist in data review: a. Point selection – hover over or click on any line and a small popup window of the exact date/time and each analog value is shown b. Zoom in – click and select a window/box and that section is zoomed into. To zoom back out, select the magnifying glass that is shown in the upper right ( ) c. Export Trend Data – in the lower right select “Export Trend Data” to download a .csv file of the analog data charted. Example table is shown below:

DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

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