HCS_0001_Hygienic Component Solutions Catalog_Rev7.0 (2024)

Hygienic Components

Basket Strainers

High Volume, High Performance

Sani-Matic Basket Strainers are specially constructed to strain particles out of a high-volume process stream. The innovative, durable design includes a side-inlet, which allows you to easily remove the basket strainer element for cleaning without disconnecting the line. Our Basket Strainers can be equipped with wedgewire or perforated strainer elements. Filter bag kits provide the option of using disposable filter bags, which are available in a variety of media materials and provide the ability to strain products down to one micron. The strainer’s lid and hand knob closure are rated for higher pressures than clamp-style covers, which improves operator safety. Multi-Basket Strainers can be used to minimize downtime for heavy straining requirements, where one strainer can be serviced and cleaned while the other is valved open and operational. In addition, both strainers can be used simultaneously for applications such as high viscosity products where larger pressure drop across a single strainer is a concern.

Sani-Matic’s standard Basket Strainers are authorized to carry a 3-A symbol when used with a perforated element.



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