DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

5. Dashboards a. Dashboard – Overview

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Notes 1. There is 1 dashboard for each facility site. This dashboard is shared across all named users for ease of viewing access. Use the “Group” feature to add grouping to provide customized views for individuals or for specific systems onsite. 2. Dashboard groups can be used to group together information as it makes sense for your users and facility. Some examples:

a. Group similar information across assets (e.g., all temperatures) b. Group all information for a single asset (e.g., all data from one asset) c. Group data for specific users or user groups 3. Within groups, add “Gadgets” which display the given data selected. The icons used to display the data are selectable upon setup.

DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

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