DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

6. Digital Process Recorder – Charts – System Pages a. System Page – Overview

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Digital Process Recorder



Notes 1. After selecting the system, the overview page will show. There are several sections within the system page. 2. At the top of each section the system’s general information is shown, including (from left to right): a. System Display Name – the name assigned to the system (see Facility Page – System Alerts (Change System Display Name) for instructions for changing this) b. System Name – “SaniTrend®” c. Model Number – “DPR” d. SMI Number – the unique job number assigned to the DPR control panel (for record) e. Status – the current status of the DPR panel. Status is one of the following states: i. Connected ii. Disconnected 3. Sections that can be selected for the system include: a. System Status ( default view ) – A quick overview of current key system data b. Data Trending – this is where the analog and digital data can be sorted based on date/time, selected, graphed, comments inputted, and data exported. c. System Alerts – Review alert notification history for the system d. Documentation – Review system links and documentation (see Facility Page – System Documentation and Facility Page – Global Documentation for more information) e. Connection Status – See current connection status data Note (3)

DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

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