DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

1. Overview

a. Introduction

The following is an operation manual for the Digital Process Recorder (DPR), powered by SaniTrend® Cloud.

This manual focuses on the DPR’s HMI operation, as well as the SaniTrend Cloud online user interface operation and screen navigation. Refer to specific electrical and/or programming documents for more information on the wiring and programming (if applicable) of associated DPR hardware and software elements.

Both DPR Charts and DPR Reports product tiers of the software are covered in this manual. Visit our website for the latest product information:

b. Website Access

The SaniTrend Cloud online portal where DPR data is reviewed and store in can be accessed at the following link:

Recommended browser and screen requirements are below:

Internet Browser - Chrome (preferred) Screen Size - 1920 x 1080 (preferred)

• •

c. Time Settings An important note on timestamp of data – the time shown while in the SaniTrend Cloud online portal is in the time local to the computer or device in which the data is being viewed. Typically review of your data is in the same time zone in which the system you are looking at is running, but this may not be the case if reviewing data from a remote location.

Actual event data is saved in UTC time which is translated into your local time per the above note.

When exporting any data to .csv files from any screen, the data that is exported and shown in the .csv file is UTC time.

DM-0013_Digital Process Recorder (DPR)_IOM_Rev2.0

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