UltraFlow ® : Powerful CIP in a Compact, Portable Design.

UltraFlow 45

UltraFlow 110

The Sani-Matic UltraFlow is a self-contained, compact and portable Clean-In-Place (CIP) System programmed to accommodate a variety of recirculated CIP applications. Designed for critical cleaning, the UltraFlow meets cGMP and ASME BPE standards.


Advantages • Small Footprint. Space-saving design for installations with limited floor space. Fits through standard doorways with ease. • Wide Operating Range. The systems range from 2–45 gpm and 5–110 gpm and are able to clean small and large applications. • Self-Cleaning. Self-cleans without extra steps, and eliminates cross-contamination. •   Portable. Positioned on low-friction casters for easy movement between process suites. No expensive supply and return line installation required. • Water & Chemical Savings. The high turbulent flow rate and low water requirements for operation reduce the amount of water and chemicals needed for a complete clean. •   Low Outlets? No Problem. Returns solutions with entrained air to accommodate vessels with low and restricted outlets.

SaniTrend ® Cloud Reporting Software

Add SaniTrend ® Cloud Cleaning Reports (CR) software to your equipment to efficiently and automatically record and store critical data (e.g., temperature, conductivity). SaniTrend ® Cloud CR Insights+ records all critical data in easy-to-interpret cleaning records and additional insights like event logs, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) scoring, Preventive Maintenance (PM) Tracking, and more. The Insights+ edition also logs a full HMI Audit Trail and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for electronic records and signatures. Learn more at our website at sanimatic.com/sanitrendcloud/

UltraFlow Schematic


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CIP Supply








CIP Return

CIP Return




Standard • Operation and maintenance manuals • Recommended spare parts (RSP) list • Mechanical Bill of Materials (BOM) • Instrumentation calibration procedures • Material Test Reports (MTRs) • W eld maps and weld logs (including qualification and inspection records) • Inspection test results, reports and certificates • Component vendor documentation • As-built General Assembly (GA) drawings • As-built Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) • As-built electrical drawings

Optional • Functional Specifications (FS) • Configuration Specification (CS) • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) • Site Acceptance Test (SAT) • Installation and Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) • Traceability matrix • Instrument data sheets • Cleaning and passivation certificate

• Borescope Inspection Video • Hydrostatic test certificate • Riboflavin spray coverage test



UltraFlow 45 • 6 8" L x 24" W x 74" H (height may vary with options) • Operating range of 2–45 gpm @ 50 psi • Electric • For process tank diameters up to 4.5' • F or process line diameters up to 2" • T urbine flow meter

UltraFlow 110 • 74" L x 33" W x 80" H (height may vary with options) • Operating range of 5–110 gpm @ 60 psi • Electric • For process tank diameters up to 10' • F or process line diameters up to 3" • T urbine flow meter

Standard Features for Both Models • A single centrifugal CIP supply pump • M odulating diaphragm control valves to set cleaning circuit flow rates and to control the rate of discharge to drain • T wo chemical delivery systems comprised of pneumatic diaphragm pumps, removable chemical reservoirs • C hemical conductivity, proof of rinse conductivity • S upply and return temperature sensors

• W etted surface: 316L stainless steel, 25 µin Ra Non-wetted surface: 304 stainless steel, 32 µin Ra • U L listed, 304 stainless steel, NEMA 4X enclosure

• Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC • Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus HMI • Ethernet communication • 4 0 customizable cleaning cycle programs • E ductor return system

• E lectric flow-through heater • D ischarge pressure gauge • L ow friction, non-marking casters Optional Features for Both Models

• V ent filter assembly • P ressure transmitter • M ass flow meter

• Wetted Surface: 15 µin Ra Electropolish (EP) finish • Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 • Report ticket printer • Stainless steel motor • S team Heat (shell and tube heat exchanger) • A ir blow manifold • C hemical reservoir low level switches • CIP supply routing valves • W ater connection bleed valves • S ample valve

• F ixed position leveling feet • F rame weld finish upgrade • S anitary flex hose package • P iping insulation • F ixed position seismic zone calculations • P assivation

• S pare parts budget • L arger electric heater • S ani-Matic Start-up and Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services

Operating Requirements

UltraFlow 45

UltraFlow 110

• Instrument Air • Water Supply

½" NPT, 10 scfm @ 90 psi

½" NPT, 10 scfm @ 90 psi

Two 1" tri-clamps, WFI, DI, potable ≤ 2 gpm @ 25 psi, 20°–80 °C 2" tri-clamp (controllable drain rate)

Two 1" tri-clamps, WFI, DI, potable ≤ 2 gpm @ 25 psi, 20°–80 °C 3" tri-clamp (controllable drain rate)

• Drain

• Dry Weight

900 lbs (approximate)

1,400 lbs (approximate)

• E lectrical Power (with electric heat) • E lectrical Power (with optional steam heat) - Plant Steam

12 kW, 27 amps (standard) or 24 kW, 43 amps (optional) @ 460V AC, 3PH

15 kW, 50 amps (standard) or 30 kW, 68 amps (optional) @ 460V AC, 3PH

11 amps @ 460V AC, 3PH

27 amps @ 460V AC, 3PH

¾" flange, 195 lbs/hr @ 50 psi ½" flange 1 ½" tri-clamp, 2–45 gpm @ 50 psi 2" tri-clamp, 2–45 gpm @ 8.5' of head @ 80 °C

1 ½" flange, 540 lbs/hr @ 50 psi 1" flange 2" tri-clamp, 5–110 gpm @ 60 psi 3" tri-clamp, 5–110 gpm @ 11’ of head @ 80 °C

- Plant Condensate

• CIP Supply • CIP Return

• Vent/Overflow

2" tri-clamp

2" tri-clamp


Industry Standard Compliance

• FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), CFR Title 21, Part 820 • Underwriters Laboratory (UL): Controls, Standard 508 • ANSI/ISA-88 (S88) Batch Control • Authorized to Provide Canadian Registration Number (CRN) • ASME BPE Standards

Separator Chamber: Small Size, Big Performance The combination of air and CIP return solution enters the sidewall port of the separator where centrifugal action separates air (upwards) and solution (downwards) to maintain adequate supply conditions for the CIP supply centrifugal pump.

Air Separation Chamber

Water Flow Air Flow

Cleaning Confidence. Repeatable results you can count on every time you clean your process parts and equipment. That’s Cleaning Confidence from Sani-Matic.


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